The WorkSmart program provided training and readiness services, products and LOB applications. The customer wanted a well branded and designed portal that maintained a friendly and consistent Work Smart tone and integrated Work Smart design elements while complying with the Microsoft brand.

The successful completion of this project achieved the following measurable goals:

    • The new Work Smart portal showed a compelling, inviting, and brand aligned look and feel as well as an architecture that supported a positive user experience
    • Content and UI text was relevant and dynamic, offering multiple points of entry to access information
    • Information was searchable and easily discoverable
    • The portal adhered to the following mantra: “Be modern. Be accessible. Be responsive. Be discoverable”

This was an end-to-end project beginning with a series of requirements gathering sessions followed by iterative wire-framing, site architecture diagramming, design comps and finally a full implementation. Key to this effort was gaining an understanding of the goals of the portal, the audience / user stories, and identifying the best flow and UI text and navigation to accomplish a successful roll-out.

Wire-frame Iteration
Early Design Comp
Design Comp V2
Design Comp V3
Final Design Comp