Dave is the author of “Surviving Frank” (Five Star Press), “Mithras Court” (WOTC) , “The Glass Vampire” (Amazon), and a contributor to the “Tales of the Last War” (WOTC) anthology among others. He has written genre content in a variety of mediums including short-stories, novels, scripts, and tabletop RPG gaming content. Dave is a member of the Author’s Guild and the Sci-fi Writers of America, as well as the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. He is also the creator and co-writer of the intellectual property for the faux fantasy novelist, R.L. McSterlingthong which includes additional novels and two anthologies. Dave’s work has garnered the appreciation and endorsement of Ed Greenwood as well as from other fantasy greats including Raymond Feist, Sean K. Reynolds, Jim Butcher and Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.

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